The Best Interviews of 2023


Today Jay revisits his very favorite interviews from 2023. He also celebrates the fruitful year for The 127 Project, including production of Let’s Parent on Purpose and Stories of Hope with Dr. Samuel Thomas, the

The Best Interviews of 20232024-01-02T06:12:54+00:00

Suffering Well


There's a good chance that we've never met and there's a good chance that I'm not actually your pastor. But would you mind for a few minutes today if I took the place of pastor

Suffering Well2023-02-14T21:35:04+00:00

Seasons of Life


If you have any hope of parenting your family over the very long run, then you have to understand and live by some helpful rules for recovery. If you find this podcast helpful, you can

Seasons of Life2023-02-15T18:06:03+00:00

Dealing with Doubt


Do you ever have doubts about your faith? Do your children? Whether it’s doubting the existence of God altogether or doubting whether you have everything particularly right in Scripture, we all go through times of

Dealing with Doubt2023-02-15T18:14:48+00:00

Picking Your Battles


Today, we’ll be talking about discerning which battles are worth fighting with our children, teenagers, and our spouses. How do we know which battles to pick and when to let go? Together, we’ll look at

Picking Your Battles2023-02-20T20:08:29+00:00
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