Snow Plow Parenting. You might have never heard of the term, but you have definitely witnessed the method in families. Are you a snow plow parent?  Today I finish my Boundaries to Help Your Family Thrive series with my guests Nathan and Amy Oliver. They explain Snow Plow Parenting, share signs to recognize if you might be a snow plow parent, and give healthy boundaries to allow your children to grow resiliency.

In Snow Plow Parenting you pave the path of least resistance for your children so they don’t encounter difficulty or failure in life. The hard things in life are inevitable. You’re not always going to win. It’s important we teach our children how to deal with the hard emotions that come with life.

It’s essential for children to experience loss and suffering and failure more than they feel comfort and ease.

Questions to help you evaluate your parenting:

  • How do I feel when my child fails or is rejected?
  • Is my interaction helping them become more capable and competent or incapable and incompetent?
  • What does love look like?


Nathan and Amy Oliver are both licensed professional therapists and members of Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church in Stuart, Florida. They specialize in marriage/family therapy, teens/young adults, substance addiction, depression, and anxiety. The Olivers are individually available for virtual counseling sessions. To find out more visit

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