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Marriage and family therapist Nathan and Amy Oliver join me today for a new series on Boundaries that will Help Your Family Thrive. Today we lay the foundation that’s critical before we can expect boundaries to work: healthy connection between parents and children. Nathan and Amy share multiple ways we can pour into our children throughout the day and week. We discuss creative ways to involve your children in your regular tasks, as well as the need daily debriefing and special times of adventure.

Ideas discussed include:

– Connecting around the table

– The importance of dates with your children

– Family adventures

– Bedtime routines

Nathan and Amy Oliver are both licensed professional therapists and members of Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church in Stuart, Florida. They specialize in marriage/family therapy, teens/young adults, substance addiction, depression, and anxiety. The Olivers are individually available for virtual counseling sessions. To find out more visit www.olivercounselling.com

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Resources Mentioned:

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