You and I have been given the responsibility to raise children with a faith that’s going to persevere in a culture that is changing faster than in any time in world history. Just think about it. 13 years ago at this point, the iPhone hadn’t even been released yet.

I’m so honored to be joined again by my friend AM Brewster, the host of the Truth.Love.Parent. podcast, as we talk about how to equip our children with resilient faith. It’s the next item on my survival guide of how to raise children that will thrive even when they are out of your household as we teach them that God can be trusted. He will do all that He’s promised to do.

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Show Highlights

So many things are rapidly changing in our world today, especially with the coronavirus, and one of the most pertinent and relevant topics that we can talk about is living out resilient faith.

As our kids grow up, their faith is going to be put through the ringer. They will go through tragedy, disappointments, and failures. Your kids don’t just need to have faith. They need to have a resilient faith.

Faith isn’t knowledge. To know something isn’t to believe something. Faith isn’t feeling. Faith is not a version of hope. Most of all, faith is not without an object. It has to be rooted in something. It also cannot be detached from a change in lifestyle.

Faith is a conscious choice to accept something as true, even if there is no “proof.” We cannot have eternal life without faith. At the same time, faith is absolutely necessary for everyday life.

Faith is a complicated concept and as parents, you have to make sure that your kids have the right understanding of what faith is. Aaron shares different kinds of faith that you might encounter:

  • Damning faith – when faith is confused with knowledge or feeling, and has no object. It is a pseudo faith that leads to death eternal because it is nothing but an intellectual acquisition of ideas.
  • Deceiving faith – this is dangerous because it is not completely false. It is a partial faith that believes in elements of things found in the bible, but misses out on the core things necessary for salvation.
  • Saving faith – a gift of the Holy Spirit bestowed on men called to salvation.
  • Sanctifying faith – everyday life faith that lets you glorify God right now. The more you have this type of faith, the more you grow.

How can you cultivate faith in your children?

  • Remember and celebrate the times of God’s faithfulness in the past, not only in the bible stories, but in your own family’s journey.
  • Increase your faith by increasing your obedience.
  • Have faith for the next step and watch how God comes through.

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