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Generation Z is the most unchurched and unreached generation alive today. At the same time, research shows that the vast majority of people who put their faith in Jesus do so before the age of 18. Pastor Josh Leucht joins Jay for a conversation on the difference approach we need to take in sharing the gospel with Generation Z. Their discussion includes:

  • Understanding how many in Gen Z find it offensive for you to share your moral standards.
  • The pressure Christian students feel for having absolute truth claims and believing Jesus is the only way.
  • How many older methods of sharing the gospel don’t work as readily. 
  • The difference in law/punishment cultures and honor/shame cultures
  • How the gospel speaks into honor/shame cultures and reaches Gen Z
  • The effectiveness of story
  • The effectiveness of pointing out brokenness as an entry point to the gospel

Bio: Pastor Josh Luecht is a teaching pastor at Calvary Chapel Palm City, FL. He holds a M.A. in Biblical Leadership from Calvary Chapel University and loves leading students into a deeper understanding of the Gospel…Josh is also a sports fan, musician and reading enthusiast. In his spare time he enjoys watching hockey and hanging out with his wife. He has been married to Mary since 2012.

Resources Referenced:

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