The Risen Jesus is a Saving King. Of all of the important principles of our survival guide series, this is the heart and the core. This is the essential one that we want to demonstrate in our families, to our kids, and it’s the topic of our discussion today.

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Show Highlights

The transforming gospel is one of most important topics that we can talk about. It is the story of Jesus and it is what will most transform our families.

We often turn to the Bible to find ourselves in the different figures of the Bible stories. But, remember, we are not the central figure of the gospel.

The Bible is about the story of God, from creation to the fall, promise, struggle, redemption, and then recreation. The gospel is about God.

The gospel is about God’s promise made through the prophets and the scriptures. It is God’s promise of salvation to you and me.

The gospel, at its very core is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Gospel means “good news.” The gospel is the power of God for salvation. The good news is dynamite – explosive power. The gospel tells us that Jesus paid the full price and it is His power that saves us.

The gospel reveals not only the righteousness of God, but also the depth of love for God.

Most of all, the gospel is from faith to faith. It is your faith in Jesus that saves you, but more so, it is that faith that sustains you.

How does this change your parenting? You need to be able to help your children understand the wide view of the gospel; the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Help them navigate the chaotic world with the knowledge that God has always been faithful to His people, even through the worst of times.

Even more importantly, be liberated by the notion that you are living the transforming gospel. Because Jesus rose from the dead, you can have grace with yourself and in your parenting. Know that you will mess up and your kids will too, but you can still show them the consistent and persistent love of Jesus.

If you can live the transforming gospel in your home, you and your family can rest in the grace of Jesus.

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