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Character changes destiny, and character changes culture. Dr. Kathy Koch helps define the core character qualities we want to instill in our children to help them honor Christ, even when no one is looking. As we learn to parent for character instead of outward obedience, we begin to raise children who will change their culture.

Listen today as Jay and Dr. Kathy discuss:

  • The definition of character, and the vital importance of training for gratitude, joy, and self-efficacy.
  • How to cast vision in your children to be culture changers instead of just rule followers.
  • The definition of joy and the dangers of comparison and unrealistic expectations.
  • The way technology teaches us to live entitled and the wisdom of limiting choices.
  • Why “choice” is one of the most powerful words a parent can use.

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Dr. Kathy Koch is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., and a child development specialist. She is also the author of seven bestselling parent-child enrichment books including her latest book, Parent Differently: Raise Kids with Biblical Character that Changes Culture.


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