About Us

Let’s Parent on Purpose was birthed out of Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church and is a proud member of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network

I’m Jay Holland, and I’ve been a Student Pastor for the past 20 years and a biological, adoptive, and foster parent for more than 18 years now. I pastor at Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church in Stuart, FL, and love that I’m at the stage of life where I get to minister to my own kids as well as others in Student and Family Ministries.

I created Let’s Parent on Purpose as a ministry of our church to help equip and encourage our parents as they seek to intentionally build children who will build the kingdom of God. I would love to get all of our parents together each week, but that doesn’t work in today’s world.

Instead, Let’s Parent on Purpose brings that enrichment to you! In addition to my years of firsthand experience as a pastor and parent, I also bring in friends and “boots on the ground experts”, people on the front lines of parenting, pastoring, and counseling.

Each week you can expect a drive-time or exercise-time podcast that will strengthen your parenting, marriage, or spiritual life. God has called us to be disciples who make disciples, and the greatest ministry you’ll ever have will be the one inside your home. I’m here to help you be the best spouse and parent you can be. I’ve also created several resources to equip your family, including my Fun Family Conversations ebook, Marriage on Mission tool, and Things for Thursday newsletter.

I encourage you to subscribe to the weekly podcast (about 30 minutes) using your favorite podcast listening app. Make it a part of your routine.
As we build our community of intentional parents, I encourage you to:

1) Share this with anyone you think might be interested,

2) Give me feedback on what’s helpful or what you’d like me to cover!

Remember, parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. God has called us to this awesome task, and He will empower us to thrive!

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Let’s Parent on Purpose is now a ministry of The 127 Project, a registered tax deductible non-profit ministry. All gifts to support Let’s Parent on Purpose through the The 127 Project are tax deductible.