Every year is filled with thousands of decisions. Some of them are inconsequential, while others have life long impact. As I reflect on this past year, today I share with you the three new decisions that greatest impact on my life and family.

Listen as I discuss my top three decisions:

  1. Learning how to measure a great day
  2. Praying the Psalms with my children
  3. Starting a weekly Family Sabbath Dinner

As you hear me describe the impact, you’ll see that these are also choices you can make in your household!

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 278 How to Measure a Good Day https://letsparentonpurpose.com/how-to-measure-a-good-day/

Episode 279 A Walkthrough of a Family Sabbath Dinner https://letsparentonpurpose.com/a-walkthrough-of-a-family-sabbath-dinner/

Get a copy of my Measuring a Great Day checklist and Family Sabbath Liturgy – https://bit.ly/3EDH56y

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