Do you remember when you were young and your mom and dad used to tell you to watch your tone? I think that’s a reminder that I’ve needed in these last few days of being around family members non-stop – not to remind my kids to mind their tone, but to remind myself to watch my tone.

That’s what we’re going to talk about on today’s Let’s Parent on Purpose.

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Show Highlights

Tone matters. When we think about communication there is content and context. In some cases, the context can mean even more than content. Depending on how you say something, it can vastly change the meaning of your message.

Especially during this time when most of us are at home with our children all day, we need to pay special attention to our tone. As a parent, your tone helps set the standard for the tone that is used by everybody else in your household.

Proverbs 15 says: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” When dealing with your children, think about de-escalating heated situations instead of answering with an angry outburst. Answer gently so that they may change their tone as well.

Tone is also important when you are reading God’s word. Think of the inflection of your voice, whether you are reading to yourself or to your children. Your tone will influence the way listeners receive the message of the loving God.

Ultimately, you get to choose your tone. It will help affect how you feel about a situation and convey that to those around you.

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