More children and teens wrestle with anxiety than ever before. Sometimes moms and dads feel powerless to help their children escape the grip of chronic anxiety. Today our guest Hannah Conway shares several simple, practical strategies that can deescalate the general level of worry, tension, and anxiety your children experience. As we continue to create a household of engagement and encouragement, we equip our children to face their own challenges, make wise decisions, and live without the need to be rescued from every small challenge.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The physiological reality of why young teenagers seem to “lose their mind”.
  • The importance of knowing whose you are in order to know who you are.
  • Strategies parents can employ when it feels like anxiety is cranking up in the home including:
    • Take a deep breath. Literally!
    • Be in the Word, and remind yourself of the Word.
    • Pray for your kids, pray with your kids.
    • Open communication, dinner table conversations with guided topics.
    • Letting them deal with consequences to learn resiliency.
    • Bringing healthy adult mentors into your children’s life.


About Hannah Conway

Hannah R. Conway is a Social Media Marketing & Communications Coordinator and Women’s Ministry Director. She’s a best-selling author, podcast host on “What’s Your Story? With Hannah & Stephani”, and speaker.

Hannah is also a military wife, momma, former teacher, dog lover and roots for the Kentucky Wildcats. Most days she can be caught with a coffee cup in hand. She and her family live near Nashville, Tennessee.


Resources mentioned:

In Case You Forget: A 6-Week Devotional about Who You Are in Jesus

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