This is last episode in a four part series to help parents and teens improve their communication and reduce conflict. It’s adapted from a parent/teen retreat and includes small group questions you help you process the material as a family. Conflict increases when there is no compelling purpose or mission. Today we begin to re-vision your family as a multigenerational team on mission for the Lord. I share a couple actionable steps for helping your family discover your identity, mission, and strategy.

Key Points:

  1. Our culture looks at families as springboards for individual success. We need to begin to view our family as a multigenerational team on mission.
  2. Generations are not stuck. It only takes one generation in a family to turn to Jesus to start a new legacy.
  3. A team needs an identity, a purpose, and a strategy.
  4. To shape your family identity, develop a family mission statement. As an example, here’s my family’s mission statement: God has blessed us with relationships, resources, and responsibility. We will use our gifts to enjoy life with Jesus and one another, and to heal a broken world through the love of Christ.
  5. A simple strategy for your family to begin living on mission: start a weekly multigenerational meal.
  6. Your new vision for family can help cure the disease of more and be the greatest force of discipleship in your household!

Discussion Questions with your family after listening:

  1.  What was the most important thing you heard from this episode?
  2. What do you think of the idea of your family being a multigenerational team on mission for Jesus?
  3. How has God uniquely blessed your family in ways that could be a blessing to others? What are your treasures in relationships and resources?
  4. Who are family members outside of your current household that you could pull in to your family team on mission?
  5. Who are people in your life in need of a spiritual family that you could pull in to your team and mission? 
  6. Start to brainstorm what you would want to include in a family mission statement. How has God blessed you and what are specific ways you want your family to serve Jesus for decades if the Lord doesn’t return in your lifetime?
  7. Could you start a weekly multigenerational meal? What night of the week would work best? Who could you invite? What are some things that would help make this night meaningful. For example – the Holland Family try’s to have a role for ever member of the meal, from lighting candles to sharing scripture to prayers of blessing. Over the meal we share our weekly highs and lows as well as something we are learning. What night of the week would work most consistently for you to have it?
  8. When are you going to have your first multigenerational meal?

Resources Mentioned