Handling Conflict in Community


Every community is going to experience conflict. The way we navigate these conflicts will either break our community or make it stronger. Today Jay shares important truths to help you grow personally and relationally as

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There’s a simple action you can take that has profound theological and neurological significance in your household… smile. Jay shares the correlation between smiling and the blessing of God from Numbers 6. A core facet


Suffering Well


There's a good chance that we've never met and there's a good chance that I'm not actually your pastor. But would you mind for a few minutes today if I took the place of pastor

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Seasons of Life


If you have any hope of parenting your family over the very long run, then you have to understand and live by some helpful rules for recovery. If you find this podcast helpful, you can

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Dealing with Doubt


Do you ever have doubts about your faith? Do your children? Whether it’s doubting the existence of God altogether or doubting whether you have everything particularly right in Scripture, we all go through times of

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Picking Your Battles


Today, we’ll be talking about discerning which battles are worth fighting with our children, teenagers, and our spouses. How do we know which battles to pick and when to let go? Together, we’ll look at

Picking Your Battles2023-02-20T20:08:29+00:00

Creating a Summer Growth Plan


Sometimes we overcomplicate things. My good friend and brother-in-law Brent Gibson has been using a simple spiritual growth strategy with his children for each of the last three summers. Today, we talk about being intentional

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Shame and the Fear of Man


“The remarkable thing about God is that when you fear God, you fear nothing else, whereas if you do not fear God, you fear everything else.” – Oswald Chambers Today's topic highlights the intersection between

Shame and the Fear of Man2023-02-22T20:38:46+00:00

Tools for Taming the Tongue


If you're tired of putting out fires started by your tongue, you're going to really benefit from my conversation with my friend Aidan Till.  Aidan preached recently at my church Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church from James

Tools for Taming the Tongue2023-02-22T20:44:53+00:00

Everyday Generosity


How do you cultivate a culture of generosity in your family?  Father and son Brad and Drew Formsma join me today to share how generosity has become a way of life in their household. Along

Everyday Generosity2023-02-22T20:48:31+00:00

Holding on to Hope


For episode 100 I've invited my favorite person on earth to join me!  My wife Emily has a life that's worthy of a book.  She married a widower, adopted his daughter, walked through the journey

Holding on to Hope2023-02-27T21:41:35+00:00
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