This is episode 181 of Let’s Parent on Purpose. Today I’m going to share with you a little devotion that’s perfect if you’ve got any summer travels coming up. Stick around and learn about the Principle of the Path.

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Show Highlights

The Principle of the Path is simple, but it could have a profound effect on your family’s life. The principle is: Your direction determines your destination.

If you’re traveling this summer, a road trip makes for the perfect time to bring this up with your kids. Say something like, “You know one of the great principles of life is just simply, ‘your direction determines your destination.’”

You can even play a little game with it. Turn of your phones and try to have someone navigate to your destination. Even if they have the best intentions, you will not get there if the directions are wrong.

In the same way, help your kids examine their circle of friends. If you become like the people you spend the most time with, what’s the direction that your friends are heading?

Apply the principle to their work in school. If they continue to apply themselves in the direction they are going right now, where will it get them? Where’s the going to get you?

And when it comes to your walk with Jesus, the principle matters even more. How do your intentions match up with your pathway?

Things that have helped me in the right direction for prayer life are:

  1. Getting up at a consistent time in the morning where I can walk through my neighborhood and reflect
  2. The PrayerMate app which helped me keep track of my prayers and intentions

These things made prayer seem less difficult and more of a joy.

Think about it in the terms of the Bible’s word for dealing with sin: repentance. Which is simply a change of heart and a change of direction. Just feeling bad about what you did is not enough.

What you need to repent for your sins is a change of direction – from following your own way to following Jesus.

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