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Many moms and dads are shocked to find out how disorienting it is to parent their young adult children. Our 18-25 year old children still need parenting, but the relational dynamics are very different during these years.

Pastor and author Jim Ramos has navigated these years with three of his own children, and shares insights he learned from parenting through this time frame. One of his mentors called the 18-25 year old period of life “the stupid years”, and it can be a terrifying time for a mom and dad as our children seek independence and often drift in their faith while making major life choices.

Listen as Jim shares seven insights from his time of parenting through the “stupid years”. As you listen, you’ll learn why it’s vital to

  • Remember that you are the incarnation of Christ to your children
  • Pray over your children and pray for their spouses
  • Engage with your children – be the rubber band!
  • Remember to show them that you love them, and that you LIKE them, with your eye contact and facial expressions
  • Understand that when your adult child is out of the house, THEY are now the ones who control the relationship
  • Be wise as a parent and avoid being the bulldozer or helicopter parent
  • Trust Jesus with your children!

Bio: Jim Ramos is a bestselling author, speaker, and the founder of Men in the Arena, a non-profit Christian ministry focused on equipping men to honor God in the leadership of their family, church, and community.

He hosts the #1 ranked Spotify podcast for Christian men, the Men in the Arena Podcast, and has written the #1 Amazon Bestseller Strong Men Dangerous Times.

Jim lives in McMinnville, Oregon, with his wife Shanna. His goal is to live each day to its fullest with courageous abandon according to Jesus’ promise in John 10:10.


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The Men in The Arena Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/men-in-the-arena-christian-mens-podcast/id1144237071

Strong Men Dangerous Times: Five Essentials Every Man Must Possess to Change His World: https://amzn.to/3oq8DZV

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