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Jesus calls us to make disciples, and the first disciples we should seek to make are the members of our own household. Rene Christensen has over 24 years of obeying Jesus’ command with her seven children. Through the years she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of how to simplify and normalize discipleship practices that will grow our children’s love of God, love of others, and heart to obey Jesus.

Rene joins Jay to share scriptural and practical tips on discipling our children. As you listen, you will pick up on fun and easy practices you will want to make a part of your own household rhythm.

Jay and Rene discuss:

  • The biblical command to disciple our households from Deuteronomy 6
  • Instilling scripture in our children’s hearts through song.
  • Establishing a daily quiet time for each child.
  • Various ways to pray for your family, neighbors, and church.
  • Practical acts of service to grow our children’s love for their hurting neighbors.
  • Practices to point to Jesus’ command to love one another to resolve family disputes.

Rene Christensen is an author and speaker (formerly Budget Saving Mom) whose passion is to help Christians disciple others, have a biblical worldview, and become biblically literate. She and her husband Eric are the parents of 7 kids ages 4-24 years old. Her new book Training Them Wisely – Discipling Kids is available on amazon.com.


Resources mentioned:


Training Them Wisely with Rene Christensen: https://amzn.to/3lPK5Z8

Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Bible Memory Melodies: https://spoti.fi/3KGHtFl

Seeds Family Worship: https://spoti.fi/3L4WRg7


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