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Do your kids know beyond a shadow of a doubt, if they see pornography on the school bus, they can come home and tell you?

Today’s guest Nick Liberto introduces us to an incredible resource that will help equip mom and dad to be THE expert on sex in their child’s life. The current average age of exposure to hardcore pornography is 8 years old. As parents, we need to have a good defense of protecting our children through internet filters and limiting harmful friendships. But equally important, we need a good offensive plan for how we are going to talk to our children about sex early and often over the course of decades so they can understand God’s great vision and see their parents as the safest, most trusted resource.

In Jay’s conversation with Nick, they discuss:

  • How early should we begin talking to our children about sex?
  • What is a good definition of pornography to help our children understand but not arouse curiosity?
  • The new resource “The Sex Talk” that helps equip mom and dad as THE expert to discuss sex with their children from childhood through engagement.

Additionally Nick shares the following golden nuggets:

  1. Embrace “it’s not if, but when your children are going to be exposed”.
  2. Early and often – as early and as often as you can, you don’t need a course. Make mom and dad the number one place to go to have the sex talk.
  3. It’s both offense and defense – why should we assume we will equip our children to thrive with sexual integrity if we only put a filter on their phone? Figure out what your gameplan is for offense for the sex talk.


About Nick Liberto

Nick is a graduate of Liberty University as well as a husband, church leader, avid adventurer, and someone who is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to experience Jesus. He has been leading Proven Ministries for over seven years and is excited to see the ministry in a place to serve the whole family with sexual integrity resources.

Nick’s story is not unlike many other men. He has experienced the stronghold of the Internet on his generation and witnessed the toll it takes on a man’s identity and relationships. He has been discipling men within his sphere of influence for over a decade and seeks a revival which starts with the family and spreads across the nation. Nick has a unique view of the world and its ever-changing sexualized culture. It’s his calling to help individuals discover their strength in Christ so that they can become a resource to a dying world.


Resources mentioned:

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