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Every season of our parenting journey is fleeting, and we often miss the joy that God presents us while wishing away our current challenges. Today Jay talks with Jeanette Tapley about the importance of living in the joy of every season of life. They discuss the guilt that many working moms feel over not being a stay at home mom, the need for flexibility in how you parent from one child to the next, and the importance of choosing joy rather than focusing on what’s not going well.

Jeanette has a unique perspective on each of these topics. As a mom, Jeanette is in the midst of raising a family of biological and adoptive children while maintaining a demanding job. In her work life, Jeanette produces multiple Christian parenting podcasts. Jeanette hears more great parenting advice in one week than many people hear in a year, but must navigate the reality that one household cannot do every great parenting idea they come across. The Tapley’s have learned the joy of discipleship through everyday life and laughter, while trusting Jesus to form their children over the long run.

Jeanette Tapley is podcast host, author, speaker, wife, and parent of three great teenagers. Her heart beats for people to be heard, valued, and never alone no matter what stage of life they find themselves in. You can hear Jeanette each week on the Moms at Work Podcast with Jeanette Tapley Podcast as well as the Joy Millionaire Podcast.


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The Joy Millionaire Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-joy-millionaire-podcast/id1355530534

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