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What if you could lower some of the sources of anxiety in your children’s lives and build a greater sense of stability and connection?  My guest Terra Mattson rejoins me today for a conversation on the digital drivers of anxiety in our children, especially our young ladies. In this episode, you will learn about

  • The science behind the wiring of male and female brains and how it contributes to higher female anxiety.
  • The various ways our cell phones promise connection but instead bring isolation.
  • What are the right questions to ask yourself before deciding to give your children a cellphone?
  • How do you walk back cell phone privileges when you see they are causing harm?
  • The role of joy in healthy brain development and the simple practices parents can initiate to grow the joy and connection in their home.

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Alongside her husband Jeff Mattson, Terra is co-founder and CEO of Living Wholehearted, LLC, a professional counseling and organizational development firm outside Portland, Oregon, and Courageous Girls, an online resource helping moms gather in intentional communities so they can walk with their daughters at every stage of her growing years in a world of confusing messages. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and executive coach, she has spent two decades counseling, coaching, and training leaders around trauma-informed theology and wholehearted leadership. She is co-host of the weekly Living Wholehearted Podcast and the Dear Mattsons YouTube series, bridging the gap between biblical, clinical and relational wisdom to help leaders (who are also parents) build healthy relationships in their home, work, and community. You can learn more at terramattson.com or follow @terramattson


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