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At the beginning of 2023 most parents had never heard of Chat GPT, and had given very little thought to how artificial intelligence might affect their parenting. But in just a few short months Chat GPT has amassed over 100 million users. Artificial Intelligence is going to change the landscape on a scale similar to the introduction of the iPhone or the internet. But how? Jay is joined today by Scott Pleasants for a wide ranging discussion on what A.I. is already doing and what might be around the corner. They discuss how A.I. can assist families in incredibly helpful ways as well as the potential dangers of using a technology that randomly produces false information. Scott also shares cautions for students using A.I. for homework and other assignments.

Scott Pleasants is the Director of Information Technology for FBA in Dunwoody and the Strategic Innovation Advisor for Innovate Lynchburg and is the founder of CrossHackers, technology solutions organization focused on helping organizations to see the world “possible”.


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