Tools for Taming the Tongue


If you're tired of putting out fires started by your tongue, you're going to really benefit from my conversation with my friend Aidan Till.  Aidan preached recently at my church Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church from James

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Everyday Generosity


How do you cultivate a culture of generosity in your family?  Father and son Brad and Drew Formsma join me today to share how generosity has become a way of life in their household. Along

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Choosing to Cheat


Everyone wants your 100% best.  But it's impossible for everyone to get your 100% best. During a time in my life when my family was suffering because of my inability to set appropriate boundaries in

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Technology Slaves


Be honest, are you in control of the technology in your home, or does it control you? I recently read a book by Andy Crouch called the The Tech-Wise Family.  I was anticipating a guide

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There's a creeping disease that's infecting the hearts and minds of several generations of men and women.  It's symptoms: anxiety, loneliness, depression, inability to enjoy activities, decreased attention span, and a distorted view of reality.

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Summer Growth Plan


"A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan next week" General George S. Patton I am an obsessive planner.  Some of them actually happen.  Many don't.  But I can say that I've managed

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LPOP 24 Get to Know Gen Z Part 1


A gang or real live experts on Generation Z from our student ministry joins me for a discussion on the differences between Millennials and Generation Z With Davis Price, Chloe Reddick, John Klein, and Brock

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Be a Hopegiver


This week on my Let's Parent on Purpose Podcast I interview Dr. Samuel Thomas of Hopegivers.  Even if you've never listened to any of the podcast before, I urge you, please listen to this one.

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Responding vs. Reacting


When I was little, I loved Mad Magazine.  (I know, shame on me).  One of my favorite running bits in the magazine was called "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions".  The title is fairly self explanatory,

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Big Picture Praying


The funny thing about the most important parts of life is that they are rarely the most immediate.  For instance, I'd like to lose ten pounds.  But I'd also like to finish off that bottle

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