Everyone wants your 100% best.  But it’s impossible for everyone to get your 100% best.

During a time in my life when my family was suffering because of my inability to set appropriate boundaries in work, a wise friend recommended this book to me:

When Work and Family Collide (by Andy Stanley) made an incredibly complex subject very clear to me. I want to give my best to everyone, but the truth is that I’m replaceable in nearly every context.

But not in my home.

In the grand scheme, only one environment is going to get the best of you.  Will it be your work or your family?  You’re going to cheat somewhere.  Learn how to work in such a way that you give your very best to your family, and if anything needs to be cheated, it’s the workplace.  Since you know God is most interested in you giving your best first and foremost to your family, ask HIM to make up the difference in your work.

It sounds crazy, but it works.  Just know that it doesn’t relieve you from working hard at work.

If you struggle with this, or your spouse does, listen to the podcast and/or read the book!

Your spouse.

Your children.

Your job.

One of these won’t be there at the end of your life.  Make sure that one doesn’t get the best part of your living!