Today’s preteens are getting lost in the transition as they shift from childhood to adolescence.  During this unique time, they are not quite one thing and not quite another.  Author, speaker, and pastor Dan Scott gives us a fascinating glimpse into the rapidly changing world of a preteen.  Dan and I explore some of the insights I learned while reading his new book Caught In Between: Engage your preteens before they check out.

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Show Highlights

  • An explanation of Dan’s Book Caught in Between:  Engage Your Preteens Before they Check Out
  • Dan’s heart for preteens and how the church was missing his own daughter’s heart
  • How parents are the primary shepherds of their children and the church’s role in supporting them
  • The way a teenagers’ brain is most similar to a 3 year old brain and cognitive pruning
  • Why young teens change personalities so often
  • The stress of information overload and how social media overwhelms children
  • Using different methods in your parental toolboxes for different situations
  • Thinking like an artists, like a scientists, and like engineers – the stages of child development
  • Understanding the social media and emotional stresses that are different for this generation
  • Learning how to guide your children with and through technology in an age of acceleration
  • Tips for parents to set the spiritual temperature of your home and making it the fun home

Resources Mentioned

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Dan Scott on Twitter: @danscott77

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