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This guest post is from my friend Willow Sander of Protect the Heart Ministries, in conjunction with our podcast discussion on “Talking to your children about sex”.

“Hey, it’s time to talk!”

Funny how that phrase does not startle us as parents as much as this one:

However, eventually the time will come. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced culture the need for that “talk” will come sooner than most of us would like. We do not have to dread it though. Honestly most of us probably have dreaded that time for a few major reasons:

  1. It was handled about as awkward as things get for us as children.

Times are different and that difference can be a win in our column as parents. There is access to information that just was not available to our parents. We can Google sites and read books that can really make us prepared instead of have us stammering for words. Focus on the family has a great layout in the “God’s Design for Sex” series.

  1. We still see them as not ready and do not want to awaken anything before it is time.

Consider this scenario: You go to get a late night snack, say a bowl of cereal. You think you have all you need for the time that is at hand only to open the fridge and realize NO MILK. You pass the store regularly, you open the fridge daily yet what should have been obvious to deal with is ignored until the need is great. So goes that way in many households when it comes to the topic of discussing sex and sexuality with our children. Anne Marie Miller, in her book, 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about Their Kids & Sex sets out to do just that: get parents prepared and knowledgeable on the “Talk” at any age of development.

  1. We don’t want to share our past choices and seem hypocritical

Let me reassure you there is NO ONE better suited than you to guide your child through this journey. With every other area it seems vying for our children’s hearts and minds, Passport 2 Purity  puts the conversation back where it should be: in the home. Check out their materials as they aim to build heart-to-heart communication between you and your pre-teen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead.

This journey is not for the faint of heart but once we are centered to play offense, we will be ready to stand strong in defense of our children, families and communities.

You were called to this!

You shall be equipped for it!

We believe in you!