If you’re normally a reader of this blog, can I ask you, for just one week, to  Listen to this Podcast?

I had the special, and extremely rare, opportunity to interview Dr. Samuel Thomas of Hopegivers International recently.  Dr. Thomas is a hero of the faith.  More than 60 years ago, his father M.A. Thomas started preaching Jesus in North India where there was less than 1 Christian for every 10,000 people.  Dr. Sam grew up traveling with his dad, helping plant churches, and sharing his bedroom and meal tables with countless orphans.  Today, his dad is in heaven, having spearheaded a movement that has planted over 50,000 churches and cared for tens of thousands of orphaned and at risk children.

Dr. Thomas is now the president of Hopegivers, and oversees the care of thousands of children, the training of hundreds of new pastors, and the shepherding of countless churches throughout India and South Asia.

If you’ve ever wondered what God might do in circumstances that seem completely hopeless, listen to how God has used the lowest of the low – the outcaste, orphan, beggar -to become the highest of the high – pastors, nurses, educators, missionaries.

God is changing the world, ESPECIALLY when it seems like all is lost. Listen to this special interview, and if you’re encouraged and inspired, contact me to find out how you can get involved!