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There are certain habits and practices that work like compound interest in your child’s life.  If you can learn to identify the everyday opportunities, you may not see radical returns on any given day, but over the long term you will have a completely different family.

Areas to consider in your routines:

  • Drive time – everyone has to say one positive thing about everyone else
  • Encouraging notes in backpacks, books, folders, or the wall of your house
  • Dinner time – Roses and Thorns, sharing scripture, fun “what if” questions
  • Bedtime prayer, reading, and review of the day
  • Chores beyond their own personal responsibilities

I’ve created an ebook that will help you with questions and activities to make each of these key routine times in your life easier, and more important, fruitful.  Get it here – https://mailchi.mp/ad8281338869/lpopebook

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