While it might be unrealistic to ever get to the point of disciplining without any emotion, we can at least strive to correct behavior without having a stroke. As author Dr. Kevin Leman puts it, our goal is Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours!

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Show Highlights

  • Triggers for emotional overreaction as a parent
  • The purpose of discipline is not punishment, it’s training for behavior and character
  • The danger of training our children to be emotionally volatile
  • My thoughts on generational curses
  • Why my emotional escalation of the situation generally doesn’t help
  • Strategies for lowering your emotions
    • Preemptive strategies:
      • Specificity drives accountability, accountability drives performance: get specific in your instructions
      • Be realistic about human nature, time, and commitments
      • Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary conflicts
      • Plan ahead with consequences for predictable poor behavior
    • Delaying consequences
    • Using words like “uh-oh” or “ooooo… bummer”
  • The danger or idle threats

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Resources Mentioned

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours!  by Dr. Kevin Leman

Parenting with Love and Logic  By Foster Kline and Jim Fay

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic By Foster Kline and Jim Fay

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