Nontraditional families are the new traditional family. In the United States, most of Europe, and many other countries, blended families outnumber“traditional” ones. The challenges of a blended family are magnitudes higher than what most couples anticipate. My guest Ron L. Deal is one of the Christian world’s foremost experts on blended families. He shares many of the unexpected challenges a blended family will face, as well as practical tools to help your family thrive and honor God.

Ron L. Deal is one of the most widely read and viewed experts on blended families in the country. He is president of Smart Step families, directs the blended family ministry at Family Life, and is the author of more than a dozen books and resources, including the bestselling The Smart Step family and Building Love Together in Blended Families (with Dr. Gary Chapman). Ron is a licensed marriage and family therapist, popular conference speaker, and host of the podcast Family Life Blended with Ron Deal. He and his wife, Nan, have been married since 1986 and have three boys. Learn more at and

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