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What do you do when you and your children experience intense personal loss, like the unexpected death of a loved one? Eliza Huie helps us walk through a series of questions that parents wrestle with as they try to process shock and grief while also helping their children deal with tragedy.

Listen as Eliza answers the following questions from Jay:

  • How can parents shepherd their children through intense personal loss?
  • How can they do this while also dealing with the loss themselves?
  • What are normal feelings and emotions that go along with trauma.
  • What might counseling to do help. How do you know if counseling is appropriate? How soon after the loss?

In crisis we have (psychological needs):

  • The Activation of the Body
  • The Activation of the Mind and Emotions
  • The Activation of the Soul

What does a person in crisis need? (relational needs):

  • What determines if a crisis situation results in long-term trauma?
  • What are the essential characteristics of a helper in these situations?

A plan for what’s ahead (situational needs):

  • First few days
  • First 1-3 weeks
  • Four weeks and beyond


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About Eliza Huie

Eliza Huie is the director of counseling at McLean Bible Church located invthe Washington D.C. metro area. She is the Dean of Biblical Counseling for Metro Baltimore Seminary in Maryland. She and her husband Ken have been married for almost 30 years and they have 3 grown children and a lovely daughter-in-law.

Resources mentioned:
Biblical Virtual Counseling Resource:
Anchored Hope Counseling – https://anchoredhope.co
Fieldstone Counseling – https://fieldstonecounseling.org
Christian Trauma Counseling – https://christiantraumacounseling.com

Breath as Prayer by Jennifer Tucker

Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event:  https://store.samhsa.gov/sites/default/files/sma13-4776.pdf

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