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Research shows that the average adult makes over 35,000 decisions every day! We make a lot of choices, and many of our choices have a compounding effect as we repeat them day after day. Other choices are not as important but they can drain our energy.

This week Jay shares his insights on the power of pre-deciding in seven areas of your life that will have tremendous compound interest. Listen as Jay explains why you should:

  1. Pre-decide when you are going to have your time with God each day.
  2. Pre-decide when you are going to bed and when you are going to wake up as a normal habit.
  3. Pre-Decide your default meals for breakfast and lunch.
  4. Pre-decide your days and time to be a part of the church
  5. Pre-decide your date nights
  6. Pre-decide family dinner nights
  7. Pre-decide to be proportionally generous


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The Greatest Choices of Strategic Leaders: https://go.roberts.edu/leadingedge/the-great-choices-of-strategic-leaders

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