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What does it mean to walk in the Spirit and live in the Spirit? This week I am joined by Dr. Don Love for a walk through Galatians 5 and a discussion of the Fruit of the Spirit in the life of a believer. We talk about how to discern the will of God in your life, ways that the Lord might be speaking to you, and the importance of the statement “God’s will is found in God’s Word.” You will learn the difference between the gifts of the Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit and how this understanding can be transformational in your marriage and parenting. Finally, Don leads us in a time of prayer to seek the Lord’s guidance on each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit in our own lives.

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Dr. Don Love is the director of Pray Through It and the host of the weekly podcast Unquenchable: Biblical Theology, Listening Prayer, and Christian Living. You can find out more and interact with Dr. Love at www.praythroughit.com


Resources mentioned:

Episode 341: Inner Healing Through Prayer with Dr. Don Love


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