What if the Holy Spirit truly served as the Comforter and Counselor? When we read our Bibles, that’s what we would expect. However, when we live our lives, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit is often diminished, and we carry wounds and hurts for decades. While serving as a biblical professor at a large Evangelical University, Dr. Don love began to ask the Lord to show him if there could be more to his walk and life. Why did he not see the fruit of the spirit in his character? These prayers began a transformation in Don’s life as he learned to seek Jesus in a much more intentional and intimate way through prayer.

Today Don and his wife Jennifer lead a ministry called Pray Through It, where they help lead followers of Jesus to experience the transforming healing power of the Holy Spirit through focused prayer. On this episode we talk about Don’s journey to experiencing the healing power of prayer. He shares the biblical basis for prayer having more power than we typically experience. And then Don leads us in a time of prayer as we ask God to reveal the condition of our heart.



Dr. Don Love is the director of Pray Through It and the host of the weekly podcast Unquenchable: Biblical Theology, Listening Prayer, and Christian Living

Before leading Pray Through It, Dr. Love was a pioneer in online education, designing some of the first online classes for Liberty University. He spent almost two decades as a Biblical Studies professor and during that time, he taught over 10,000 students. He holds BS in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministries, an MAR in Church Ministries, a Masters of Divinity (MDiv), a Masters of Theology (ThM), and a PhD in Biblical Theology.

He and his wife Jen co-lead Prayer Through It and unquenchable while raising their children in Lynchburg, VA.


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Unquenchable: Biblical Theology, Listening Prayer, and Christian Living: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/unquenchable-biblical-theology-listening-prayer-and/id1548674310

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