Series Overview: Jay will be discussing the unique challenges of parenting Gen Z and the struggles they face due to the world they live in.

Today’s Topic:  Jay shares how the gospel speaks into the topic of gender identity and sexuality.  This includes a Theology of the Body: Jay will be sharing a piece of a sermon he recently preached in the church on how the incarnation of Jesus helps bring clarity where there is confusion over gender, identity and sexuality. He encourages listeners to have their kids listen along and discuss the content with them.

Resources Referenced:

Talking to Your Children about Gender Identity and Sexuality with Dr. Sean McDowell

Equipping our Children for Conversations on Gender identity and Sexuality with Dr. Sean McDowell

What if Your Children Identify as a different Gender identity or Sexuailty with Dan Seaborn

Pointing to a Deeper Orientation in Jesus with Dan Seaborn

Genesis 1:27, passages on homosexuality, adultery, coveting your wife and your neighbor’s stuff.

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