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This is the second half of my conversation with Dan Seaborn on how to parent a child who is identifying as a different gender or sexuality. Be sure to first listen to episode 298 What if Your Children Identify With a Different Gender or Sexuality?  In this half of the discussion, we talk the term “Super-Straight” as well as the peer pressure that labels traditional sexual ethics as toxic. Dan encourages parents away from humiliation and towards humility as we process our children’s struggles. We discuss trusted resources for counseling if your child has more than a passing interest or questions. And finally Dan encourages us in how healing is not about turning our orientation towards heterosexuality, but in finding our orientation with who Christ made us to be. Be sure to share this episode with moms and dads you know are struggling with this topic!

Dan Seaborn, M.A., is the founder and president of Winning At Home, an organization that supports marriages and families. As an author, speaker, and leader of the Marriage and Family Network of AACC, Dan uses humor, practical illustrations, and real-life examples to teach others how to win at home. He has authored thirteen books and holds a master’s degree in Christian ministries. His new book, Winning at Home, will be available nationwide on September 13, 2022.

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