As a Division 1 college soccer player, Craig Hettlinger was living many young men’s dream. A fateful decision to partake in a controlled substance after a win started a 16-year collapse into addiction and destruction.

Craig shares his story of addiction, failed attempts at sobriety, and his ultimate recovery and deliverance through God’s power. Craig now lives out his mission for Jesus by running recovery houses in Huntington, WV, the Ground Zero for the opioid epidemic. Craig’s raw, honest recounting of his life journey will encourage families who are suffering through long term addiction in their own households.

About Craig Hettlinger

Craig Hettlinger is the CEO of HAWC Recovery in Huntington WV. He is also the author of That Ain’t No Mountain For a Climber – a heartfelt firsthand account of overcoming drug addiction.


Resources mentioned:

Craig’s book: That Ain’t No Mountain for a Climber:

The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and the Truths That Set Us Free:

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