Thank you Willow Sanders of Protect the Heart Ministries for joining me for a fantastic discussion of safeguards and protections we parents can instill for our children. Below is an incredibly helpful guest post by Willow that goes along with our discussion.

Eyes, Ears, Hearts and Souls

I don’t know, in my head the preschool song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” came to mind as I searched for how to slap a title on this.

And realistically THOSE are just the areas we are charged with so cautiously guarding as parents, teachers and family members. A job that seems to be getting harder by the mouse click, tv remote and ticket sale!

Thankfully there are many organizations rising to meet that challenge head on.

I remember attending a conference a few years back on the climate of pornography in our current culture. It was a difficult one for sure. More reality than many of us cared to admit but we also found out in the midst of such darkness, God was directing people to take back the territory we as a ‘civilized’ culture seem bent on abdicating away.

One such organization had lobbied dozens and dozens of hotel chains to make their locations ‘porn free’ zones. That means no click of the tv channel would lead to a conclave of debauchery within their walls. You can check them out .

And we wish the ‘out there’ influences were that easily controllable but the reality that was also shared by Josh McDowell, with more than 50 years of student ministry,  was that we no longer have to just be worried about our kids looking for porn; porn is looking for our kids.


But we aren’t a people without hope and I strongly urge you to check out these resources as you fight for the Eyes, Ears, Hearts and Souls of our youth: