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Today I share an exciting update as Let’s Parent on Purpose is now a ministry of The 127 Project. All of your giving is now tax deductible. In addition to supporting Let’s Parent on Purpose, your giving will help build a Hope Home for Dowry Castaway children in India.

I also share a set of questions to help you evaluate the discipleship growth of yourself and your children. Listen as I discuss how the following questions can help you grow in discipleship:

For an initial believer:


Do I understand the gospel?

Do I believe the gospel?


Am I convicted of sin?

Am I drawn to Jesus?


Have I surrendered my life to Jesus?

Have I received His forgiveness and grace?

For an ongoing disciple (compared to past self, not to other people):


How Am I growing in understanding God and His Word?

What do I now know how to teach or share to another?


Am I tender to the things of Jesus?

How would I describe my joy in the things of God?


What am I releasing to God?

How am I serving Jesus?

To be intentional about your discipleship walking forward:


What habit am I going to pursue to grow in knowing God and His Word?


What habit am I going to pursue to grow my love and joy in Jesus and not just fall into religious duty?


In what ways am I going to be consistently generous with my money and service this year?

Resources Mentioned:

You can learn more about the 127 Project and support Let’s Parent on Purpose here: https://letsparentonpurpose.com/support/