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When Jeremy Pryor discovers that God designed families to be teams on mission, not nests for individual success, he embarks on a journey to challenge the idol of individualism and bring his family closer together. You will learn how to strengthen family identity through everyday responsibilities with Jeremy Pryor’s unique approach.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. What does it mean to be part of a multi-generational family?

2. How do identities shape and limit freedom?

3. What does it look like to embrace fatherhood/motherhood as an identity?

4. How can we use everyday responsibilities to help shape our children’s understanding of identity, value, and worth?

“When we’re in a multi generational family, the father or mother is always thinking about their grandkids, how am I raising my kids to be really good parents to my grandchildren someday? And so of course you have to be really thoughtful about how to parent.” -Jeremy Pryor

Jeremy Pryor is a family identity expert and author of the book “Family Revision”. His passion is helping families discover and live out their multigenerational mission to further the Kingdom of God.

Jeremy Pryor had been on a journey to understand the meaning of family. He embraced the idea that identities, including those of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, were meant to be handed down through generations, and that freedom of self expression was not the ultimate goal. He saw that individualism had been put on a pedestal and was causing chaos, and he realized that families were designed to be teams to rescue and bless each other,




Family Revision: How Ancient Wisdom Can Heal the Modern Family

Episode 230 Your Family as a Team with Jeremy Pryor

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