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Whether you like it or not, your child probably loves video games. When we as parents act like video games are a curse, we often miss a key opportunity with our children. My guest Drew Dixon shares the wonder of video games including creativity, connection, and play. We talk about the gospel opportunities to discuss worldview with your children as they play video games, as well as equipping them to be on mission with their friends and contacts through social gaming. Finally, Drew and I discuss our responsibility to set safeguards and parameters with our children as they engage in gaming. Drew helps us see how important it is for our rules to be clear, collaborative, and written down.

Drew Dixon is a team leader at Lifeway Christian resources, co-founder and Chief Content Nerd of Love Thy Nerd, public speaker, co-host of Humans of Gaming, editor, author, and has traveled all over the world to spread the Gospel at nerd conventions. His new book Know Thy Gamer was released in September 2022.

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