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This is the first of a two-part series on gender with Christine Sneeringer, a ministry leader who specializes in sexuality and gender issues. Growing up, Christine knew all too well the distress and hardship of not feeling at home in her female body. More than anything she longed to be a boy. Looking back, Christine now realizes how her abuse history drove her negative perceptions of femininity, which she equated with victimhood. In our conversation today, Christine shares her decades long battle with gender dysphoria that led to her same-sex attractions.

We also discuss the importance of critical thinking skills and how children are prone to misinterpret adverse childhood events. Christine’s journey was a prime example of how we can develop distorted beliefs about gender, which were not addressed until God intervened in her life. Surrounded by a loving Christian community as a young adult, she surrendered her life and sexuality to Christ. Afterwards she finally felt safe enough to embrace her femaleness for the first time in her life.

Listen to this encouraging example of the redemptive love of Christ. Christine’s story will give you hope in a culture that celebrates running from God’s design for gender and sexuality.


Christine Sneeringer is the executive director of Worthy Creations, a parachurch ministry that specializes in sexuality and gender related concerns. A gifted communicator, she teaches and speaks at churches, conferences, and campus ministries, sharing her dramatic story of overcoming abuse and battling more than two decades of gender dysphoria that led to her same-sex attractions. A consultant with the Institute for Healthy Families, Christine provides one-on-one support and coaching for individuals who feel conflicted about their gender identity. Christine has a master’s degree in Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Theology degree from Oxford University. She is a freelance writer and her articles have appeared in Decision Magazine, Charisma, and Spirit Led Woman. She lives in South Florida, where she enjoys tennis and tacos.


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