From the time they are old enough to talk, we ask our kids what the want to be when they grow up.  And they tell us.





Dolphin trainers.




But what if we’re asking the wrong question?  We keep asking them what kind of job they want to do.  Perhaps we should spend a little more time asking what kind of person they want to be?  And since they aren’t going to know the answer yet, let’s go ahead and tell them.  Don’t be afraid to tell your kid what kind of person they should be, over and over again.  Then do everything you can to help shape them into that kind of person!  
The mission of Let’sParentOnPurpose is to equip and empower moms and dads as they build kids who are building the kingdom of God.  As a Father of four and a youth pastor of another hundred or so, I know I need the wisdom and support of a community.  People who have been there before. People who are there right now.  Let’s be that for one another.  Let’s do it with grace, joy, humility, and humor.