Technology and Purity Resources

The following are resources that I have personally used or am still actively using

Screen limitations and accountability

  • Covenant Eyes: This is the internet accountability software that we use for staff at our church as well as for our family at home. There are levels of filtering you can use to restrict various devices depending on who is using them. You also set up accountability partners that send emails detailing what a person has been looking at. In my opinion this is great, and I personally value knowing that my viewing history is going to be sent to my wife and accountability partner. It helps safeguard decision making when temptation is strong.
  • Circle Home Plus (2nd Gen): – Parental Controls – Internet & Mobile Devices:  COVERS EVERY DEVICE – Limit screen time and block online content for mobile phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and more. We use this to restrict internet and online video game time for our boys. They hate it. We love it.
  • Life 360When our teen finally got a phone, we subscribed to Life 360 to help track were they are. You can geo-tag places to know when they arrived at school, home, work, etc. You can also set up geotag alerts if there’s somewhere they are not supposed to go.

Books, websites, and podcasts