Discipleship Resources

The following are resources that I have found very helpful over the years


  • The Bible Project: Don’t be fooled by the animation videos, the quality and level of teaching in every Bible project production is top notch. I highly recommend their Bible overview videos before reading a book of the Bible. Their newer Word study series is also fascinating, and if you want to go really in depth check out the Bible Project Podcasts.
  • Christian Apologetics Research Ministry: So much good stuff on this website ranging from discipleship to apologetics to world religions.
  • Josh McDowell Ministries: This is another great website with a whole host of helpful topics, from apologetics to parenting to discipleship to purity.


  • Tortured for ChristThis book is the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor who was jailed and tortured for 13 years under the Communists. It was one of the most gripping, shaping books I have ever read.
  • The Purpose Driven LifeI’ve got to be honest, I did not want to like this book because I cringe at most things embraced by pop Christian culture. But it’s a genuinely good 40 day devotional book that will push you to evaluate whether you are truly living for Christ.
  • The Counterpoints Series: If you really want to dive into a theological or church issue, and you’d like to understand why there are multiple views on an issue that seems cut and dry to you, check out this series. I’ve read 4 or 5, and they have all been helpful. Each topic, such as (Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design) is addressed by a Christian who is an expert in their particular field and view. After their chapter, the other 3 authors critique the chapter from a Biblical standpoint. Then the next author has their turn. You’ll learn so much from this method.
  • Spiritual Leadership: This is a classic book by J. Oswald Sanders. I read it in college, and 20 years later picked it up again, marveling at how encouraging and challenging Sander’s words were to me.