Identity can be defined simply as “who a person is”. This simple definition belies how incredibly complicated identity can be for individuals, especially our growing children.  In a world of constantly changing morals and definitions, it is vital that we give our children solid footing to understand who they are and why they exist. Today’s podcast explores the reality that our greatest possible value comes from understanding our identity as the pinnacle of God’s creation, the only ones made in His image, and the object of his love, affection, and redemption.

This is Part One of a three part series on equipping you to teach identity to your children.

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What are the character qualities that describe a biblical man or woman? Click To Tweet Both men and women are created in the image of God. Every other identity is secondary to this. If you become the mayor, governor, or president, how does that compare to being the pinnacle of God's creation and object of His love &… Click To Tweet

It's not the value of the material or paint that makes a painting, it's the worth of the artist. People are priceless because of our Creator. Click To TweetYou were made by the Master Creator, and YOU are the object of His love and redemption! Click To Tweet

Show Highlights

  • My annual list of truths and principles to teach teenagers at my church
  • The difficulty of a culture with no true definition of adulthood or rite of passage to affirm arrival
  • Why it’s not helpful to tell children anything in the world they want to be
  • Why being made in the image of God should be our core identity
  • How the value of any creation is tied to the preeminence of the creator
  • What it means to be created in the image of God
  • How humans are God’s ruling representatives on earth
  • The danger of placing our identity in sports, arts, smarts, or gender
  • Coaching your children on identity

Resources mentioned

The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis

Genesis 1:26-17

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