If we want to change our families, we can do so by concentrating on one habit at a time. Today I brainstorm several potential family habits to consider for 2022, and encourage you to pick ONE new one to ingrain in your lives.



  • Morning Time
  • Meal Time
  • Drive Time
  • Bed Time

The Word

  • Read at dinner
  • The Bible App Devotions
  • Verse of the Week or Month

Dinner together

  • Minimum times per week
  • Do Roses and Thorns

Make one night a week a special night of worship or blessing

  • Read the Word
  • Family Worship
  • Invite Grandparents to bless their grandchildren
  • Pick one night a week or month to practice hospitality

Be a Blessing

  • Family service project
  • Adopt an orphan
  • Adopt a spiritual orphan
  • Adopt a single person or widow
  • Serve at Church Together
  • Give Generously