Behavior should make us curious. As we seek to discern the motive behind our children’s behavior, we can more effectively match the behavior to a consequence that will guide them towards healthy decisions. I’m joined by my church’s Children’s Ministry Director, Caroline Todd, as we discuss four different functions behind our kid’s behavior. Caroline discusses:
  • Sensory Seeking Behavior
  • Escape Behavior
  • Attention Seeking Behavior
  • Tangible Behavior

As we get better at identifying the motive behind our kids’ actions, we can make better plans for redirecting, correcting, or reinforcing negative and positive behavior. These skills will help you with your own children, in a classroom setting, and might even give you insight on how to better love your spouse!

Caroline Todd is the Director of Children’s Ministry at CovenantFellowship Baptist Church. She is a graduate of Palm Beach AtlanticUniversity with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Special Education.Before serving at Covenant, Caroline worked as an Applied BehaviorTherapist for Special Needs Children. Caroline is married to her high school sweetheart, Nathan Todd.

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