The hand of God is absolutely sovereign. Even if you find yourself in circumstances that do not make sense to you, God is moving and God is working. He is not done with you, your children, and your family.

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Andrew grew up post World War 2 Russian Speaking Soviet refugee. He spent his childhood in a refugee camp in Australia before immigrating to the United States in 1958 as a teenager. His education and business career in Chemicals and Plastics took him to San Francisco, New York, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Harvard Business School, and throughout South America. Most importantly, he became a follower of Jesus through the young woman who has been his wife for fifty years, Andrea. The Engelmans have two daughters, five grandchildren, and split their time between their south Florida home and the northern states where their children and grandkids live.

As a refugee in Australia at the young age of five, Andrew grew up in a situation that was far different and more difficult than that of most children. Through persistence and determination, he made it to the US as a teenager. His stint in the Peace Corps brought him to Iran.

It was in New York that he met his future wife, Andrea, who he saw one day at the rooftop of their apartment building, reading the Book of Romans. That’s when he started to commit himself to the Lord.

It was important for Andrew for his children to be believers and for them to marry believers as well so that they would have someone to go through stresses and strains of a secular world with.

As a business man, Andrew also noticed how the normal standards and principles for people to get ahead in the business world are contrary to the ways of God.

My reliance on my faith and my wife sharpened me in those times when my flesh would prevail over my spirit.

Looking back on his experiences, Andrew says, “If there’s a message that I can give… it’s for young people to be relentless in the pursuit of something that interests them, to put themselves in situations of deep water so they can understand their full potential, and to be in the word as much as possible.”

Andrew’s life experiences are not ones that would usually lead towards the Lord, but it’s obvious that the Lord was already moving in his life, leading him eventually to become a believer. Because his own spiritual grow was slow, Andrew values the idea of starting children’s spiritual growth early and young.

Put your children in the environment of youth groups and fellowships with other believers so they can develop their Christian worldview.

My reliance on my faith and my wife sharpened me in those times when my flesh would prevail over my spirit. Click To Tweet

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