Over the years, I’ve had the chance to pray with parents who are in grief over the current spiritual state of their children who have chosen the path of rebellion. My friend, Shane O’Neill gives a powerful testimony of hope after a long season of rebellion and how his parents were a steadfast witness to him as God brought him back to the faith.

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Shane O’Neill is the host of The Naked Gospel podcast. He is also the Editorial Director for Proven Ministries, a non-profit, sexual integrity organization that partners with individuals, churches, and organizations to see men, women, and families discover Jesus’ freedom. Shane is currently working on a graduate degree in apologetics at Liberty University’s Rawling School of Divinity.

We all need a story of hope right now and Shane’s story is exactly that. Being born in the Philippines and moving all over the US as a missionary kid, Shane struggled with establishing his identity.

Shane’s experience isn’t that different from that of children who are going through puberty who are also confused about who they are. Most of the time, kids feel the need to learn how to be cool rather than learn who they are because of social pressure.

Despite being surrounded by his parents and other who loved the Lord, when Shane’s grandfather died when he was in eighth grade, together with several other unfortunate events that brought him away from his faith. He then turned to drugs and promiscuous living for several years to deal with his pain.

From going through these difficulties, Shane says, when someone is troubled or questioning their faith, they don’t need a rational response from you. Rather, you just need to be present to them. God was just present to him, Shane says. Both God and Shane’s father just waited it out with him.

Shane recalls one impactful call from his family that he answered during a party. They asked how he was and told him they loved him.

“I knew they loved me and I didn’t want them to know the condition I was in,” Shane says. This phone call made him weep. “I had just tasted this thing that I know I was made for and that was love and to be known.”

When Shane was 19 and addicted to heroin, he came face to face with Jesus. He recalls a dream where God showed him His heart. “His heart broke open my heart.”

Since then, Shane has been 10 years sober.

I had just tasted this thing that I know I was made for and that was love and to be known. Click To Tweet

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