Let’s spend a little time together today thinking intentionally about the culture that we create within our household for our families.

My guest today is Joel Montgomery and he helps us with crafting a vision and a strategy for family culture.

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Show Highlights

Joel and his wife Elaine have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids: Sofia Grace, Julia Joy and Mateus. Over the past 12 years, Joel has been helping for-profits, non-profits and churches around the world to create an authentic culture that turns their people into a passionate tribe on a mission. Most recently, Joel has applied his expertise of culture to the family, founding Family on Purpose with his wife Elaine. They teach parents with young children how to focus their limited time on what is most important so they can live more purposefully together.
Having a family culture starts by sitting down together and creating a family purpose and establishing your family’s key principles. Then, look at your family’s habits and  identify intentional practices that all of you can do to live out your collective purpose.
Joel breaks down the process:
  1. Purpose – the future that you want for your family; why you do what you want to do.
  2. Principles – the core elements that are most important to you; the truth you believe as a family and what you want to be known for in the world.
  3. Practices – habits that enable your to live out your family’s purpose and principles on a regular basis.

While it’s much easier to set the foundations for a family culture when your kids are young, it’s still important to start doing this no matter where you are in your family journey.

If you want to establish your family culture and already have older children, involve them in the process. It’s an opportunity for them to engage in what the family is about.

The more involved your young and old kids are in forming your family culture, the more they will hold each other – and you – accountable for living it out.

Resources Mentioned

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