We invest in our retirement. We invest in our physical fitness. We invest in our caffeine habit. Why wouldn’t we invest in our family relationships?  My friend Brian Neal of True Course Counseling joins me today to talk about the benefits of pastoral and professional counseling, the different ways counseling can help a family get “unstuck”, and how counseling can help a healthy family reach the next level. We also talk about common conflict issues and tools you can use for resolution before you ever seek extra help.

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Show Highlights

  • Understanding the difference between Christian Counseling and Biblical Counseling
    • Biblical Counseling focuses on Biblical texts and relates ones problems to the text of Scripture
    • Christian Counseling focuses on the truth and the Truth about Jesus. Christian Counseling aims to bring Jesus to the center of the issue.
  • Some are hesitant to seek counseling or therapy because of time, money, or the stigma attached. You should look at counseling as an investment you make in yourself and your family. Some of the benefits include:
    • Counseling helps you realize the cause of the problem you are facing;
    • Counseling gives you tools to respond to various challenges
    • It can bring healing to relationships
    • Counseling can help you clarify your goals and determine a path towards success
  • Brian helps clarify the differences between various forms of help and therapy available
    • Psychiatrist – see a psychiatrist for medication if you are suicidal or clinically depressed. A psychiatrist will help you address the physical symptoms. The do not generally help with giving you the emotional tools to work through your challenges.
    • Psychologist – a psychologist should have a doctorate. They will have more training and are often much more specialized than a therapist or counselor.
    • Therapist or counsellor – typically these will have a masters level of education. Most people can be helped on a therapeutic level, unless they are in crisis.
    • Pastoral counselor – Many people can be greatly helped by pastoral counseling. It’s important to understand that most pastors do not have extensive training in counseling, but are pretty adept at combining biblical wisdom with life experience. Since many of life’s challenges are common problems shared by others, pastoral counseling can help work through a great number of issues. Also, pastors will often have good networks of contacts for more advanced counseling needs.
  • What are some of the situations where counseling might be helpful?
    • When you are overwhelmed
    • Whenever you feel helpless;
    • If you are in conflict with a another person;
    • If you find yourself in a confusing situation and don’t know how to react and others.
  • Brian discusses the benefits a family can have by creating a culture of service and communication within the home.

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